Urban hiphop at Martinstown

MONTREAL-based hiphop troupe Tentacle Tribe make their Artsreach debut at Martinstown village hall on Sunday 10th November with a double bill, Origami Mami and Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid.

In Origami Mami, three female dancers perform a routine that unfolds from simple to complex geometry, looking like the interlocking parts of a machine with bending, folding steps as intricate as origami.

Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid is an urban hiphop duet, inspired by the fluid movements of various land and sea creatures. Fusing music and movement, the dancers invent a geometry of contemporary dance that they call ‘conceptual hiphop’ or ‘deconstructed street dance’.

Choreographers Emmanuelle and Elon have worked together since 2005, forming Tentacle Tribe in 2012 after their first performance for Cirque Du Soleil in Quebec City.