Virtual theatre from Strode

WE can’t go TO the theatre, but we can still enjoy great theatre and opera and dance, thanks to the marvels of digital technology, and Robin Peters, director of Strode Theatre at Street, hopes that people will join in regular streamed productions and get at least a little of that performance magic.

He says: “With Strode Theatre closed and our plans for this season put on hold, it strikes me that our purpose is not to sell tickets, or wine, or ice cream. It’s to bring people together and provide entertainment, diversion, creativity and culture – to be the heart of our community.

“It is harder to fulfil that purpose without the theatre’s facilities, but still absolutely possible.”

“We will be pointing you in the direction of live-streams, recordings and videos from around the web – performances, concerts, exhibitions, talks and shows from the UK and around the world. Past productions that have been filmed and released online and live-streams of events happening behind closed doors.

“While you could, of course, press ‘play’ on many of these videos at any time that suits you, we’ll be trying to get as many people as possible to come together at the same time, so that even though we can’t be in the same auditorium, we’re still sharing experiences.

“And afterwards, we’re hoping that some of you will want to chat about the events on our Facebook page – just as if sitting around a table in our bar with friends.”

Robin added: “Whether you join us or watch in your own time, please remember that all credit for the work lies with its creators – the artists and production companies who are making their work available to us in this way – not with Strode Theatre.”

In the second first week of online shows, look out for the NTLive streaming of Jane Eyre, which many of our readers might remember on stage at Bristol Old Vic before it went to the South Bank. It’s on Thursday 9th April at 7pm, and then free on YouTube for seven days.