Virtual tours of Sculpture by the Lakes

SCULPTURE by the Lakes, near Dorchester, is one of the many sculpture parks across the UK that are closed until further notice during the coronavirus pandemic.

But to enable people to share the beauty of the park and lakes, the owners, international sculptor Simon Gudgeon and his wife and head gardener Monique Gudgeon, have started a series of virtual tours around the park, available to view free on You Tube.

In each short video Simon takes the viewer around a section of the park and discusses in detail the history in the creation of that area, the sculptures, the wildlife and, with some help from Monique, the flora and fauna. There are also a few appearances of their six dogs who roam the park and even if not seen they can , in a few instances, be heard.

So far there are three tours and more in the making and soon to be released:
Sculpture by the Lakes Part 1:
Sculpture by the Lakes Part 2:
Sculpture by the Lakes Part 3:

Simon says: “This is a very strange time for many of us, usually our sculpture park would be full with people enjoying this wonderful weather, the delights of spring and soaking in the peacefulness and tranquillity of our sculpture park.

“Over the past few weeks I have been uploading photos onto our Facebook page and people began to ask for videos and so I began some short virtual tours around the park and the response has been phenomenal.”

Sculpture by the Lakes is also offering a shopping food service, many essential items and oven ready meals. Visit