Volunteer at Stourhead

THE National Trust team at Stourhead House and Garden is looking for volunteers, including  garden guides, raffle sellers, room guides and welcome assistants.

Hannah Bester, a volunteering officer at Stourhead, describes volunteering for the National Trust as “a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new things while simultaneously giving back. The joy of working at Stourhead is immersing yourself in the magical spirit of the place.”

Welcome assistants are needed for the important role of making Stourhead a friendly and inviting place for visitors all year round. Becoming a room guide is an opportunity to get to know Stourhead on a deeper level and help educate others about its important history and ongoing conservation.

For more information please contact Jean Booth, volunteer co-ordinator, jean.booth@nullnationaltrust.org.uk  or call 01747 841152.

Pictured: Stourhead garden in summer © National Trust Images / John Millar