Wake me Up at the Octagon

CRAIG Webb comes to Yeovil’s Octa­gon on Saturday 19th May with his touring show The Best of Wham!

Incredibly, it’s 37 years since George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley formed one of the most enduring pop duos of the 1980s.  Wham! sold more than 28 million records, topping the charts with three albums, four number one singles and eleven top ten hits. They featured in the Live Aid concert of 1985 and were the first western pop group to ever tour in China.

Craig Webb, who made his TV debut on Gary Barlow’s talent search Let It Shine, plays the role of George Michael.

The show always has the audience singing along to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Freedom and Im your Man.

The Octagon show starts at 7.30. For more information, telephone 01935 422884 or visit the website, www.octagon-theatre.co.uk