Weightless Again, 20 years on

ONE of the quirkiest, most entertaining, thought-provoking and challenging bands ever to come out of the US, the husband and wife-duo The Handsome Family, is back in the UK on a spring tour, continuing their stops in the south and west at Bristol St George’s on 22nd and Southampton Brook on 23rd March.

Brett and Rennie Sparks, residents of Albuquerque, produce gothic songs from all sorts of inspirations. Rennie’s obsessed with birds. Brett’s big voice just gets deeper with the years.

They have always appealed to a section of the British audience, seeming to be a musical extension of the glory days of Twin Peaks.  They came to wider attention when their Far From Any Road became the theme for HBO’s True Detective.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of their Through the Trees album, and to celebrate they are releasing a special vinyl edition, with a bonus CD. Through The Trees was judged by MOJO as one of the ten essential Americana records of all time.

The sky blue vinyl comes with an exclusive  Invisible Trees  CD,  15 tracks of “out-takes, live performances and bickering”.

For this, their most extensive UK tour, Brett and Rennie will be  will be joined by drummer Jason Toth and multi-instrumentalist Alex MacMahon.

Time to revisit Weightless Again, Where the Birch Trees Lean,  Cathedrals, My Sister’s Tiny Hands, The Giant of Illinois,  Moving Furniture Around and more.