What’s my name?

THE Bumblefly production this Christmas is Rumpelstilt­skin, star­t­ing its tour at Greyfriars in Ring­wood on Saturday 1st Dec­ember and on the road at various locations until 19th January.

The message from this Grimm fairy story, first published in the 1812 edition of Children’s and Household Tales, is never to promise something you can’t deliver.

You know how easy it is to say things like “I promise to be good” “I promise I will never lie”  or even “I promise my daughter can turn straw into gold…”

The Miller’s daughter is in a pickle, thanks to her mother and her silly promise. How on earth do you turn straw into gold? Well there’s a certain little man who knows how… and all he wants in return is that the girl should guess his name.  That or she’ll be his forever.

Bumblefly uses its now trademark anarchic storytelling and beautiful imagery, introducing audiences to  a host of fairy-tale characters who get caught up in the fun.

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