When your dad is …

CHARLOTTE Johnson finds politics boring. That’s pretty difficult if your family is the UK equivalent of the Kennedys. But the rising star of stand-up has looked at her life and turned it into a very funny show, My Dad Boris and Other Lies, which gets its Edinburgh Fringe preview at Exeter’s Phoenix arts centre on Wednesday 27th July at 7.30pm..

Charlotte, who studied drama at Exeter University, and is a new associate artist of the Phoenix, originally wanted to be a “VERY serious theatre director, despite being a very not serious person.” She loved writing and starting doing stand-up comedy, which she enjoyed.

In her debut show, Charlotte avoids talking about family politics in favour of rewriting her own story – pausing only briefly to explain why she’s the Kim of her siblings … she’s unsure of who would be Khloe or Kourt as she hasn’t met all six or seven or eight of them yet.

She was commissioned by the BBC as part of the New Creatives scheme to make My Dad Boris, a mockumentary about finding out her father is Boris Johnson. During the pandemic she worked on the audio piece to develop it as a live show.

My Dad Boris and Other Lies is at the Pleasance in Edinburgh throughout the festival.