Zoom mystery on the Frome train

WHEN John Palmer and Al Brunker from Frome Drama had the idea of Terminus, back in 2013, it was as a “talking heads” stage play that went on to be performed in nearby Holt at the start of its progress to the NODA Best Original Production and Best Drama awards.

The restrictions of Coronavirus lockdown brought them back to the play, with its format ideal for separation during rehearsal and performance.  They decided to advertise the production, and auditions were done on line, as were rehearsals and final filming of performance.

Now Terminus is about to be released to the public, who can watch as the tense drama unfolds and try to link up the various characters, both seen and unseen, of a mystery thriller.

As they watch the train hurtling towards the Norwich terminus, the audience is challenged to work out all the clues and discard the red herrings before the final reveal.

Director and co-writer John says the production has been challenging as well as rewarding. It has exploited the capabilities of Zoom to their limits. Each shot has been the product of multiple takes, and the editing process has been lengthy and painstaking.

The on screen performers are Astrid Callomon, Juanita Carnay, Andy Cork, Liz Hollis, Laurie Parnell, Polly Lamb, Tabitha Lamb, Ian Sanderson, Julian Thomas and Eddie Young.  Laurie Parnell has also written the original music, and Simon Bowman has edited the video and soundtrack.

Pictured are Eddie Young, a passenger on board the train and Laurie Parnell who plays Nick, formerly a professor of Philosophy and now the train driver.  Laurie says: “It’s a thrilling drama, tightly scripted, and full of sharp insights into each character’s inner world, revealing the often shocking secrets they hold”.

Terminus will be available on Eventbrite at any time between Monday 25th and Saturday 30th January. The running time is 90 minutes. For more details visit https://fd-terminus.eventbrite.co.uk or from the Eventbrite website by searching Terminus.