A Dorset story of “county lines”

DORSET farmer George Streatfeild, the 2020-21 High Sheriff of Dorset, has had a short film produced to highlight the dangers of county lines drug gangs to young people in Dorset.

It is the true story of ‘Sam’ (name changed) and aims to show the scale of the problem in Dorset, and to educate and improve awareness and the need for everyone, from all walks of life, to become more vigilant.

Accompanying the film, Mr Streatfeild sent out a letter, headed Sam – In Too Deep

“In loving memory of ‘Sam’ so his life was not in vain. This YouTube link will take you to a short film which highlights the dangers of county lines drug gangs to young people in Dorset. It is the true story of ‘Sam’ (we have changed his name). He was vulnerable, came from a split family and was being bullied in school.

“The film brings home the scale of the problem in Dorset and aims to educate and improve awareness across the community. In particular it might encourage young people to think about the society in which they are growing up and to stimulate discussion and awareness of:
• Bullying
• Grooming
• Sexual exploitation
• Exclusion from school
• Drugs and alcohol abuse
• How do you escape if you are ‘in too deep’?
• Real friendships – would true friends put you at risk…
• Life isn’t about making money, it’s about making money you are proud to hold on to

“In producing this film, I am extremely grateful for the help and support of Martyn Underhill, Police and Crime Commissioner and his team at the OPCC, Bournemouth University and Future Roots, a charity growing resilience in young people where much of this story was played out. I am also grateful to Josh of Keylight Films for his dedication and care in presenting this sensitive story.

“Yes, this really is a Dorset story, and I would like to make everyone aware that this menace is right on our doorstep. Please share this clip with as many people as possible to grow the understanding. If you would like more information or help, please contact: enquiries@nullescapeline.org.uk or 07707897008.”

To access the film,. visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4MXJTWNMfQ or the front page of the shrieval website, www.highsheriffdorset.co.uk