A magical trip to Neverland

SHAFTESBURY Arts Centre’s music and drama group wants to whisk you away from a cold and depressing January to the excitement and colour of Neverland, with this year’s winter show, Peter Pan, The Pants, at the theatre in Bell Street from Thursday 25th January to Saturday 3rd February.

All the big theatre pantomimes have packed the dame’s dresses and the hero’s doublet and hose back in the costume department, and it’s time for the locals to slap their thighs and strut their stuff with magical, musical stories full of laughter and fun. This version of the Peter Pan story follows the basic plot of JM Barrie’s original story with a few extras and additions for your delight.

The cast has worked with two talented teams of youngsters as the Darling family and the famous Lost Boys, including Peter Pan, with Antonia Oakley and Claudia Clune sharing the role of the boy who never grew up.

Working along with adults as pirates and their opposing gang, and having skirmishes with the dastardly Captain James Hook, Peter and The lost boys and Two Gun Tess outwitting the pirate  rabble in thrilling chases and fights.

Tom Arkle plays Peter’s enemy and would-be nemesis, Captain Hook, with Adam Dore as Two Gun Tess, the dame that Barrie didn’t invent, helping Peter to outwit the pirate rabble. Pictured are Peter Pan in the woods with the Lost Boys, and Peter’s gang.