A taste of Morocco

foodmenutrav-mororrochefstickyFOOD writer Christine McFadden, who runs classes at her home in the beautiful village of Little Bredy, visited Morocco in January, particularly to learn more about the country’s food and its unique and magical argan oil.

She shares some of her experiences and discoveries at her Spicy Journeys class, Taste of Morocco, on Friday 13th June.

Christine says she achieved both. “I spent enjoyable hours in the kitchen with Jamina, the chef at our rhiad, and I met the Berber women at the argan oil collective near Essaouira.”

During the class, Christine will give participants an in-depth look at Moroccan spices and together they will cook up some tasty tagines, dips, salads and soups.


“I’ll show you how to make couscous like a pro, fluffy baghir pancakes, and briouat – crisp fried filo parcels with gorgeous fillings. I will also have some very good argan oil for you to try.”

Pictured are the chef Jasmina and Berber women at the argan oil collective.

For more information or to book, contact Christine via her website, www.thedorsetfoodie.co.uk or telephone 01308 482784.