A year at Daylesford

DORSET artist Gary Cook has spent much of the past year sketching in the landscape around the Daylesford estate on the Cotswolds, and the results can be seen in a new exhibition, ReWolding, at Daylesford from 16th to 29th April, capturing the unique atmosphere and beauty of this area of sweeping hills, wooded valleys and wistful wetlands.

Gary, whose work focuses very much on trees and the environment, describes the Daylesford Estate as “enlightened farming that understands the interconnectedness of the Cotswold landscape and the delicate relationship with species and their location is more than simply rewilding, it is a considered replenishment of the land. In other words, this is a study of how to ReWold.”

His time working on the estate and in the surrounding landscape has enabled him to “notice the interconnectedness of trees, meadows, wetlands and their delicate relationship with the species that rely on them … The paintings are a celebration of how the estate’s respect for time-honoured traditions is helping to restore beauty and a harmonious balance to the area. I’ve witnessed a considered replenishment and regeneration of the land.”

Pictured is A Bend in the Evenlode River, as it passes through Daylesford; in acrylic, charcoal and watercolour on paper. The exhibition is at Daylesford Organic Farm in Kingham; for more information and more of the ReWolding paintings, visit www.cookthepainter.com/latest-work