Capreolus in Waitrose

AWARD-winning West Dorset-based charcuterie makers Capreolus are launching their Great Taste Award-winning products from the British Charcuterie range into Waitrose stores.

David and Karen Richards have been creating their award-winning artisan charcuterie since 2009, supplying to trade, retail and the general public.

They and their small team at Rampisham follow timeless artisan techniques inspired by the finest Continental producers.

What sets them apart (aside from the multiple awards year on year) is their ethos and commitment to only using animals that have been raised by farmers who really care for them, wasting the absolute minimum and using the finest spices and herbs.

The products, which will be sold in 56 Waitrose stores, are the award winning Dorset Coppa, Dorset Chorizo and Dorset Air-Dried Beef.

David Richards says: “We are so proud to be partnering with Waitrose. It’s the first time a major supermarket has stocked branded British charcuterie. The quality of our British free range meat (compared to the continent) is second to none. That, and the fact that we only use the very finest spices which we grind fresh for each batch, makes a huge difference to the way our charcuterie tastes.

“For us there will never be a compromise. We are fully committed to expansion and growth to meet the growing demand for our artisan charcuterie but we will always respect everything about the process starting with the raw materials,through to the methods and techniques we use in our creation.”