Celebrating words on Cranborne Chase

CRANBORNE Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has inspired generations of artists, and now the AONB team is also hoping this vast ancient landscape will inspire writers too with a Festival of Words, running to Sunday 29th October.

With free and online workshops, storytelling walks and performances, the festival is themed around the idea of a mythical Hero’s Journey, and includes contributions by poets, artists, storytellers and writers.

The week culminates in the Festival Day at the Ancient Technology Centre at Cranborne, on Sunday, with two sessions. The first runs from noon to 5pm, and includes a treasure hunt, poetry on demand and a performance by the Bard of Exeter.

The evening showcase starts at 7pm and features commissioned work from Estelle Phillips, Sukie Baker and Shaun Gary Palmer, and the headline guest, Rachel Rose Reid (pictured), known as the “Queen of the new wave of storytellers,” who blends English, immigrant and urban influences in her work.