Cheese tours at Quicke’s

DISCOVER the story of one of the world’s great cheeses, when Devon-based Quicke’s opens its doors for a series of tours, monthly from April to September, at the farm that the Quicke family has nurtured for 14 generations.

The tours will tell the often surprising story of what goes into a wedge, from the specially bred cows to the towers of clothbound truckles being cared for in Home Farm’s ‘cheese cathedral’.

The visit begins in the dairy, meeting cheesemakers who craft each cheese by hand with a culture that has remained unchanged for decades. After visiting the store where hundreds of cheeses are stacked high, as the aging process finishes the job that nature started, and learning about mould gardens and the rigorous grading process, it’s time to tuck into a tutored tasting.

Later on a tour of the farm, Quicke’s farm manager, Adam Reeves will explain how this world-class cheese is made from the ground up, using a grazing system to measure grass growth and ensure that the cows can enjoy their favourite food for 10-11 months of the year. It’s a story of constant innovation combined with the guiding principle of its ethos, “farm like you’re going to live forever”.

Tours take place on the last Friday of the month, beginning on 27th April. For more information visit