Demanding play launches Street Theatre’s big season

IF you are a fan of Paula Hawkins’ book The Girl on The Train, or perhaps of the film version that moved the action from London to New York, wipe your memory clean before you head to Strode Theatre in Street for the next Street Theatre production, on stage from 20th to 23rd March. Director Paul Townsend and his cast have taken the decision to approach the complicated and demanding play afresh.

The cast includes four Street Theatre newcomers, Will Vero (seen in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf last December), Georgia Stone, Sarah Martin and Tris Hann. The title role of Rachel, on stage throughout, is played by Alice Cameron. You might have seen her in Toast at Street last year.

The themes include alcoholism and emotional abuse, and the story is seen from Rachel’s perspective through a series of flashbacks and unreliable memories, making great technical demands on the crew in what will be an innovative theatrical experience.

The Girl on the Train is the first of three main house productions at Strode Theatre in 2024, something Street Theatre hasn’t tackled for a long time. “This is thanks to your continued support and evidence that live theatre is as important as ever,” says Paul.

“The stage adaptation presents a different set of challenges and demands the creative use of multimedia. We are fortunate to have the technical advantages available when performing in Strode Theatre, supported by equipment donated by The Friends of Strode Theatre, without which we would not be able to perform this play.”

The cast includes Rob Prince as DI Gaskill, Will Vero as Tom, Tris Hann as Scott, Dan Simmons as Kamal, Sarah Martin as Megan, Georgia Stone as Anna and Sarah Bentley as Jane.

Performances are nightly at 7.30. Contact the theatre for more information.

Rehearsal photogrpahs

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