Far horizons – travels of the imagination

TRAVEL writer Rory MacLean, who lives in West Dorset, has curated an exciting programme for Sherborne’s first Travel Writing Festival, from 14th to 16th April in Sherborne School’s Powell Theatre.

These last years have brought dramatic changes to our lives – Brexit, Covid lockdowns, soaring energy costs, climate change and the largest, most brutal war in Europe since 1945. But while individually our horizons may have drawn in, travel writers have continued to reach out, rediscovering and reinterpreting the world.

The new festival features ten outstanding travel writers, whose themes range from David Bowie in Berlin, from Scotland’s Summer Islands to the Amur River between Russia and China.

At the heart of the festival is the idea – and the timely theme – of reaching for the horizon, and the varied and inspiring participants will carry their audiences to some exciting places.

As well as Rory MacLean, the speakers are: Colin Thubron on The Amur River, Jay Griffiths on Elemental Journeys (exploring the world’s remaining wild places), Anthony Sattin on Nomads, Sara Wheeler on Glowing Still (a memoir of her amazing travels from Pole to Pole), John Gimlette (on The Gardens of Mars: Madagascar, An Island Story), Bridport-based Sophy Roberts (on The Lost Pianos of Siberia), Justin Marozzi (on the Arab Conquests), Philip Marsden (on The Summer Isles – A Voyage of the Imagination), John Blashford-Snell (on From Utmost East To Utmost West, reflecting his vast travels around the world) and California-born poet Demi Anter and Rory MacLean talking about their own experience living in the city, and the experience and creativity of David Bowie time in Berlin.

Sherborne’s bookshop Winstone’s is the festival partner; for more information pick up a leaflet or visit www.sherbornetravelwritingfestival.com

Pictured: Rory MacLean, Demi Anter and some of the featured books.