Flash Bang Wallop – what a show!

SHAFTESBURY Arts Centre’s music and drama group has chosen Kipps – The New Half a Sixpence Musical for the summer show, in the second and third weeks of July. There will be an interest meeting at the arts centre on Sunday 5th February at 7.30pm, and auditions will be held later in the month.

The new musical by Julian Fellowes is an updated version of a popular show, Half A Sixpence – which starred Tommy Steele – based on the novel by HG Wells. The stage version has been rearranged by Sir Cameron Macintosh.

The story is set at the end of the 19th century. Kipps is an orphan working as a draper’s assistant in Folkestone for strict owner, Mr Shalford. The young man is charming and hard working but also enjoys his fun and dreams of happiness with enough money to marry his childhood sweetheart Ann Pornick. When he unexpectedly comes into money, he attempts to better himself rather disastrously, meeting and falling for the well-born Helen Walsingham. Between Ann and Helen, Arthur Kipps doesn’t know which way to turn. How will he find himself again after such a confusing passage in his life?

There are 12 principal parts, 11 smaller speaking parts, two parts for under-16s (the young Kipps and Ann), and a variety of chorus character. There are 25 musical numbers, including Half a Sixpence, Money to Burn, If The Rain’s Got to Fall and Flash Bang Wallop, as well as some lively dance routines and a riot of colourful costumes.

The interest evening will be an opportunity to find out ore, see a clip of the show and talk to the director and musical director. As well as on-stage roles, people are needed to help with costumes, build and paint sets or join the front of house team.

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