Go Back for Murder, Swan Theatre Yeovil

DIRECTOR Rachel Butcher brings a cinematic vibe to her production of Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder, on at the Swan Theatre in Yeovil until 19th March.

This is the one where Christie began with Poirot in the novel version, but changed him to young solicitor Justin Fogg for the stage, and the Swan was (again) lucky in having such a versatile cast at its disposal, with Chris Williamson as the eager and love-struck lawyer Justin Fogg.

It all starts as Carla, newly come of age and finally apprised of the story of her late parents and their deaths, arrives in his office, determined to clear her mother’s reputation by re-enacting the circumstances surrounding the murder of her father.

It’s as twisty as the best Christie, played out on a clever set designed by Ed Butcher, and it’s all about the tricks memory can play, with the devil deeply in the detail.

Erin James is the spirited Carla, with Tyrone Trower and Pete Fernandez as the unlikely landed brothers, Beth Millward in the challenging role of the hussey, Rachael Alexander as the scarred aunt Angela, Richard Jones making a late but charismatic appearance as the murdered artist Amyas, Mike Stanley as the understated but memorable Turnball and Richard Cannon purposefully making the very unlikeable fiancé even more antipathetic with the strangest accent I have ever heard on the Swan’s or any other stage. Maureen Nethercott is the prissy Miss Williams with Grace Pamplin exemplifying the devoted and confused teenaged Angela.

It’s very well done and keeps you on the edge of your seats sifting (with Mr Fogg), through the evidence played out before your eyes, with all its red herrings and old assumptions.

Good Christie, excellent Swan.


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