Helping the planet in Dorset

SLADERS Yard gallery at West Bay and Dorchester Arts are joining the Marine Theatre at Lyme Regis in an ongoing series of events on the theme of Help Our Planet, beginning on Tuesday 27th September with Saving Butterflies and the Amazon.

Proceeds of the event, which begins at 7pm, will go to the conservation charity Survival International. The evening will have an introduction by nature writer Brian Jackman, and talks by former director of Kew Gardens Professor Sir Ghillean Prance, on
the Amazon Forest and its People, and butterfly expert and author Professor Philip Howse on the Reverend Miles Moss, a little-known Amazonian butterfly collector, artist and polymath in the early 1900s

There will also be a film of tropical butterflies, introduced by Clive Farrell, and Brazilian guitar music by Anthony Dodds and Colin Thompson.

The HOP talks feature eminent scientists and nature writers discussing what we can do to help the planet.
The programme was started by Philip Howse with Ghillean Prance, George Monbiot and Clive Farrell.

The project aims to inspire and inform individuals, families and local communities with tangible actions to help combat the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

The format of the evenings is for the audience at Sladers Yard or Dorchester Corn Exchange, to watch a filmed presentation followed by a question and answer discussion with the presenter in person.

A second event, on Thursday 20th October, features conservationist and best-selling author on Derek Gow on Bringing Back the Beaver and its Pals.

Derek has played a leading role in the reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver and the white stork to Britain. He is currently working on a reintroduction project for the wildcat and a project to save the water vole from threatened extinction. He is now an advisor on rewilding all over the country including the Bridport area.