Innovation from Dorset

foodprod-innovationTAKE two of Dorset’s best-known and most respected food businesses, stir well and freeze – and you have a recipe for successful innovation!

At this year’s Casual Dining Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, Purbeck Ice Cream showcased the delicious, natural ice creams and sorbets made on the farm and scooped the top accolade of the show – the prestigious Gold Innovation Challenge for Dorset Blue Vinny Ice Cream.

With hundreds of innovative and exciting foods, drinks and products scrutinised, the top secret judging panel shortlisted the 10 most interesting and unique products.

The finalists presented their products to business experts in a Dragons’ Den-style pitch with questions asked to determine whether the product is truly innovative and worthy of a Casual Dining Finalist, Highly Commended or Gold Innovation Challenge Award.

Patrick Ward, Purbeck Ice Cream’s sales director, picked up the gauntlet to pitch to the panel saying: “Our team look for foods and ingredients made within Dorset that we can develop for new and exciting flavours, and Dorset Blue Vinny cheese was a natural choice.

“Chefs sampling this unusual flavour immediately imagine how and with what to serve it as it is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed at all stages of the menu, whether swirled in soup, dotted on steak, served with poached pears or figs or on a cheeseboard.”.

The Innovation Award judges agreed, finding the flavour exceedingly tasty, totally unique and truly innovative. After a nail-biting final round, Purbeck were pronounced as winners and the Gold Innovation Award was presented to Patrick who accepted it with glee to take back to the Purbeck team at Corfe Castle, adding to the armoury of awards gained over 25 years, and giving another reason for great celebrations!

As Hazel Hartle, who runs Purbeck Ice Cream with her husband Peter, says: “Another super award, recognising the superb foods made right here in Dorset, firmly flying the flag for Purbeck and for Dorset!”