Is anybody there?

HELL, as writer Charles Condomine knows to his cost, hath no fury like a spirit woman scorned. You can find out more about how he copes when Yeovil’s Civic Players stage Noel Coward’s clairvoyant comedy Blithe Spirit at the Swan Theatre from 29th May to 1st June.

One of the most famous comedies in British theatre, Blithe Spirit is all about novelist Charles and his writers’ block. After the death of his wife Elvira, living with his new bride Ruth, he is struggling to find the words he needs for a book about the supernatural. What better solution than to invite his eccentric neighbour Madame Arcati to conduct a seance.

Sitting in a darkened room around a ouija board, Madame Arcati summons her spirit guide, a little girl called Daphne. But the ghostly presence that Daphne awakens is that of Elvira, and she is not happy!

This hilarious comedy calls for even more suspension of disbelief than most plays, as Charles is thrown into a maelstrom of confusion and flying ornaments.

The Civic Players cast includes Rich Walters as Charles, Liz Stallard as Madame Arcati, Erin Darling-Finan as Elvira, Charlie Wanklin as Ruth, Zack Welfare and Amy Phelps as Dr Bradman and his wife, and Pauline Withers as Edith the maid.

Performances at the Swan start at 7.45 nightly. For more details, telephone Doreen Meadows, on 07593 539593.

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