Isla, D’Click Circo, Artsreach at Blandford

THREE people on a rickety boat are ship-wrecked on a desert island, with just three packing cases to provide shelter. And so the three performers of Spanish circus and physical theatre company D’Click Circo begin their adventure, Isla.

A sold-out audience at Blandford’s Corn Exchange enjoyed an hour of charming, hilarious, surprising and brilliant clowning and circus skills as the performers face isolation, accidents, fear, despair and hope.

The trio, Ana, Javi and Hugo, are thirsty – until they discover they can shake water out of the giant coconut tree. Soon they begin to climb the tree – whizzing up and down the apparently smooth trunk, turning upside down, swinging out and generally making the audience gasp.

They are also very hungry, so when one of them finds a biscuit the others are excited. But he eats it. And then he finds another. And eats it. And so it goes, as the biscuit disappears and reappears, taunting the other two and causing the many children in the audience to fall about with laughter.

The children’s laughter rings around the hall, to the accompaniment of the howls, whoops, screeches and other interesting non-verbal noises of the performers and a brilliant and varied musical score.

There was a second Artsreach performance at Winterborne Stickland, and it would be safe to assume that there will be an eager welcome for a return visit by D’Click.


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