It’s 40 years … oh no it isn’t!

THIS year’s Honiton pantomime at the Beehive Centre from 13th to 17th February, is the 40th anniversary production by the town’s community theatre, which began as Honiton Pantomime Society.

Over the years the company has grown from being just about pantomime and now produces three performances a year.

This new locally-based version of the story begins when Robin Hood of Feniton returns to Honiton from the Crusades, and finds things are not how he left them at all! His title has been stripped, and taxes are higher than ever, to fund the Sheriff’s plan to de-forest Offwell woods and build a powerplant!

The Babes of the Wood come to stay with the Sheriff of Honiton, and Mother Hood is employed to be their Nanny, and keep them out of harm’s way, particularly from Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff’s henchmen.

As Charter Day approaches, it’s down to Robin, Marion and the Merry Men to stop the Sheriff’s evil and greedy plans. Will Robin win his title back and can he save Offwell forest?