Japanese cuisine with a taste of Dorset

foodJapaneseJAPANESE chef and cookery teacher Teruko Chagrin, one of the regular Japanese and Thai food tutors at White Pepper Cookery School at Lytchett Matravers, shares her recipe for delicious a Japanese-style omelette with Dorset sweet Kombu seaweed.

Teruko was inspired to create this and some other recipes using a small piece of local dried seaweed given by John, the forager at White Pepper Cookery School.

The omelette is made with Mirin, Japanese seasoning and light soy sauce. Mirin is a cooking wine and slightly sweet. It is available at local supermarkets or healthfood stores. Balancing sweetness and savory helps to enhance the original delicious taste of the free range eggs and it brings out the flavour of each of the fresh ingredients. It is perfect for a Bento lunch box or picnic and is delicious hot or cold.

2 free range eggs
1 tbs Mirin
½ tsp light soy sauce
Dorset sweet Kombu seaweed about 3” x 4,” washed and soaked in fresh cold water until soft then finely chopped
2 or 3 French beans, thinly sliced
1 tsp sunflower oil

foodprodmkt-sturterukoPut all the ingredients except for the oil into a large bowl then mix it well. Heat a frying pan then add the oil to heat it up. Pour a quarter of the egg mix into the pan. If your frying pan is large, don’t spread the egg mix all over. Just in the centre is fine. Also don’t worry if the mix has spread unevenly in the frying pan.  When it looks half cooked, roll it up from the front.

Push the rolled omelette to the other side of the pan and add a little oil. Pull the egg-roll over the oil in order to spread it under the egg roll. Push the egg-roll back to the frying pan then add another quarter of the egg mix to spread in the centre of the pan. Make sure to spread under the roll by lifting it. Roll it back to the front when the omelette is half cooked. Repeat it until finishing the egg mix.

Put the egg-roll on a flat plate to cool down before cutting into small pieces.