Little Sure Shot at the egg, Bath

revslittlesure4THERE’S lots of gun toting yee-haas in Lucy Rivers’ Little Sure Shot, back at the egg at Bath Theatre Royal and on stage until Sunday 10th January.

The action-packed story is beautifully told, weaving information about the lives of the Pioneers into songs, ad­ven­tures and the true story of Annie Oakley, sharp-shooter of the old West.

revslittlesure6Annie was always a bit of a tomboy, idolising her whimsical, gentle father and accompanying him on hunting trips where she learned respect for firearms and the animals they killed for to feed the hungry farmers.

His early death pushed Annie into responsibility for the family, so she learned to shoot, selling the surplus meat to pay off the mortgage.

Before long she had beaten sharpshooting celebrity Frank Butler in a contest and instead of being angry with her, he fell in love. The two married and devised a double act which was the toast of the circus circuit.

Their adventures are cleverly told in this show, whose cast includes an Indian chief and a feisty poodle. The five actor musicians are enjoying themselves as much as the audience.

revslittlesure5Verity Kirk returns in triumph, bringing pluck and poignancy to the central role, and the versatile Paksie Vernon and David Leopold are also back in the cast. Newcomer Tom Jude is the narrator and Buffalo Bill and John Biddle makes a welcome return after memorable appearances in Heidi and The French Detective and the Blue Dog, both at the egg.

revslittlesure3Little Sure Shot is a colourful fun-filled story suitable for all ages, and if you are worried that it romanticises American gun culture, it’s all about survival and respect for your surroundings.

Go along to the egg and see for yourself.


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