Memories and stories from rock’s great past

DURING the 1960s and 70s, if you were a music fan living in Bournemouth or Poole, or could get there easily, there was one shop that you would always make for, Jon’s Bus Stop Records, next to the Grand Cinema in Westbourne.

Here you could not only find the latest chart hit you were looking for, but hundreds of records by people you might not have heard of – but after talking to owner Jonny Kremer you often left with an exciting selection of 45s (remember them?) by up and coming artists – who you could later boast you had known about “long before they became famous.”

It is now many years since Jonny closed the shop, but memories linger – and his own memories have now extended to two books, with the second, Chain Reaction, due to be published by New Haven Publishing in early April.

Chain Reaction is a series of 16 stand-alone chapters which revisit pop and rock history viewed through a prism of causality or intersections. Jonny, whose closest friend was the folk singer-songwriter Al Stewart, knew many of the big names of the period, and in this book he highlights previously overlooked or obscure timeline moments crucial to the stories of the greatest bands, singers and songs of the 60s and 70s.

This fresh take on the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Dylan, Bowie and others provides a lot of information often with a humorous angle, casting a new light on the music and the period. Chain Reaction provides connections that may surprise even those who know the music and the bands of that time inside out.

Jonny’s previous book is Bournemouth A Go! A Go! A Sixties Memoir, which begins in 1963, the year of Beatlemania when the Beatles played six nights at the Bournemouth Gaumont Theatre and he and Al Stewart, then teenagers, talked their way into the Beatles’ company. It was an exciting time on the Bournemouth scene with Tony Blackburn, Zoot Money, Andy Summers, Robert Fripp, Greg Lake and many more …

* Chain Reaction by Jon Kremer is published by New Haven,