New flavours from Pink’s

IT is just over six weeks to Christmas (scary thought) so it’s time to start gathering some inspiring but affordable presents.

Delicious and attractive, a new range of pestos from Pink’s could be the ideal thing for foodie friends.

The range includes Watercress and Wasabi, Smoked Tomato, Rocket and Lemon (delicious with grilled chicken or on its own with linguine) Smoked Sweet Pepper and the startling Beetroot and Horseradish, which really gives a kick to home-made burgers! And you thought pesto was just basil, pine nuts and parmesan!

Other Pink’s treats to go under the tree (and on the cold turkey or baked ham) include their classic Green Chilli and Red Chilli jellies, and the perfect compliment to any cold meat, sausages, curry … well anything really – the Empire Chutney.