Pipers Farm sausages for breakfast and barbecues

THE Devon-based online butcher, Pipers Farm is preparing for family feasts this summer with a range of natural, gluten-free sausages, ideal for picnics, barbecues and breakfasts – at home or by the campfire.

Wholesome, succulent and full of flavour, these rusk, preservative and chemical-free sausages are handmade on the farm using slow-grown Saddleback pork shoulder, providing naturally nourishing fuel for those hungry explorers embracing the great outdoors.

The Wessex Saddlebacks, a native west country breed, spend their entire lives outside and farrow in arks. The piglets are left with their mother for eight weeks, so they can build up a natural immunity from mother’s milk, helping them to reach maturity without the need for antibiotics.

The pigs are grown on vegetables and fodder beat on a mixed farm, an old fashioned and sustainable way of producing wholesome, healthy and natural food, while maintaining the land itself.

Pipers Farm’s range includes Natural Breakfast Sausages, Pork & Apple Sausages, Sausages Wrapped in Bacon, Natural Cumberland Sausages and Black Pudding Sausages, as well as Venison Sausages. For more information visit pipersfarm.com.