Robin Hood at the egg, Bath

Maid MarionYOU might think you know all about Robin Hood, a historic hero with little relevance to the 21st century. But how wrong you would be, as the egg theatre’s Christmas show proves.

This new version, created by Greg Banks and performed by four actors backed by an all-female ska band, underlines the fact that the legendary outlaw from Sherwood Forest robbed the rich only to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. Driven out of their homes and employment by greedy landlords, they were forced to resort to poaching to feed hungry families.

This, of course, was in the reign of King Richard during his brother John’s regency, but the poor and homeless are always with us, so this Robin Hood starts off in any street in any town in England in 2016, where the division between rich and poor is widening.

The egg is set out in the round as a frightened girl starts to tell the stories of Nottingham’s finest and the scene morphs into the Forest.

Look out for the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, the plucky Maid Marion,  courageously soppy Robin and Prince and Little John, in the persons of Nik Howden, Rebecca Killick, Peter Edwards and Stephen Leask.

It is so good to see the battle between Robin and Little John at the river, often omitted from recent productions.  And the reality of the plight of the poor is never lost in this very funny, exciting and romantic adventure story. There’s even a chance to take sides and participate!

Robin Hood continues at the egg until Sunday 15th January, at various day times with a handful of evening performances.


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