Seize the seasoning!

ONE of the country’s best-known and tastiest sea salts, the long-established Maldon Salt has a striking new look.

The introduction of the new look comes with a call to chefs, home cooks and foodies to “Seize the seasoning”.

The contemporary new design, with its trademarked diamond pattern, will start to appear on supermarket shelves from July 2021 with distinctive colours for the different flavours.

The Osborne family has been hand-harvesting Maldon Salt, using the same techniques, for four generations. During that time Maldon Salt flakes have remained constant, becoming a globally recognised brand, loved by chefs the world over. Managing director Steve Osborne says: “Heritage is important to us, so the new packaging design had to respect our past whilst also embrace the future.”

Many home cooks acknowledge that they have more to learn about seasoning – they want to understand different salt types or are not sure which salt goes best with which ingredients. A QR code that links directly to the new and improved Maldon website has been added to every pack. Here consumers can discover content and recipes that will expand their seasoning knowledge and inspire them to create extraordinary dishes using Maldon Salt.

With the relaunch, Maldon Salt has announced that with every box produced they will be supporting the World Land Trust and the work they do to protect threatened habitats and wildlife. All Maldon Salt cardboard boxes are made using carbon balanced carton (produced by a Carbon Balanced Printer).