Shakespearean dream for Lyme

LYME Regis continues to build on its long-standing heritage of community plays – the town hosted the first ever production of what is now known as a community play, Ann Jellicoe’s The Reckoning, in 1978. In 2024, the theme will be Shakespeare’s much-loved comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, following the success of a previous Shakespeare-at-Lyme production of The Tempest.

This year’s play, Lyme and the Sea, was a great success and planning has started for the 2024 production, A Midsummer Lyme’s Dream, which will be the fourth community play by local resident and actor Andrew Rattenbury, who wrote this year’s engaging sweep through the town’s maritime story.

The many colourful tales of this beautiful seaside and fishing town will also feature in the new play, described as an irreverent, modern-day blast through Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, interwoven with nuggets of Lyme’s history, and told by the community, for the community.

Contact the Marine Theatre for more information or to take part in any way, acting, back-stage or other aspects of the production.