Summer’s botanical bounty from Quicke’s

DEVON cheesemakers Quicke’s, based on the family farm near Crediton, have produced a new seasonal cheese, the hand-crafted Elderflower Clothbound Cheese.

Combining early summer’s grass-fed cow’s milk with the elder tree’s botanical bloom, this six-month matured cheese is a joyous celebration of the land.

The new cheese owes much to the ancient hedgerows that the Quicke family has maintained since the 16th century. Working with local foragers to gather the spoils, the cheesemakers blend the elderflower into the cheesemaking process to achieve a fresh, buttery cheese with delicate floral notes.

Rich and aromatic, the cheese finds a perfect pair in a cool glass of Prosecco – or looking ahead, it is the ideal accompaniment to a picnic meal of charcuterie and pickles.

Quicke’s Elderflower Clothbound Cheese is available from and from many independent retailers.