The big questions of life and death

INCREASINGLY, people are questioning their rights to decide on their own future, and those questions bring them into conflict with those whose beliefs are entirely governed by their interpretations of the scriptures.

Brian Clark’s 1979 Whose Life Is It Anyway?, based on his television play, has been chosen by Amateur Players of Sherborne for the June play, coming to the Studio Theatre on Marston Road from 5th to 10th June and directed by Martin Williams.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? is set in a hospital tells the story of a sculptor, Ken Harrison, who is paralysed from the neck down following a road accident months earlier. Ken is alert, intelligent and witty, and otherwise in good health, being cared for and supported in the hospital bed from which he will never be able to move.

He makes the decision that this does not constitute “life” in any meaningful sense for him, and therefore demands that the medical staff withdraw all treatment. As this is contrary to their training and all their instincts, the law is called upon to make a judgement …

The cast includes several actors making their APS debuts, including Robert Brydges who plays Ken Harrison, with Sara Danesh-Pour and Anna Carter-Brown as the two doctors. Company stalwart Patrick Knox plays the judge, called in to make the inevitably controversial decision.

Performances are at 7.30 nightly with a 2.30 matinee on Saturday 10th June. For more details, visit the company website.

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