The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Oddity Theatre at Warminster Athenaeum Centre

revu-lionwitchTWO enchanted hours flew by as Oddity Theatre’s cast of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe took to the stage in Warminster’s Athenaeum Centre.

The confidence and enthusiasm showed by the children in particular were a huge credit to the direction of Luke Willmore, who brought CS Lewis’ famous story to life with a bewitching show.  Who could not have been captivated by the cheerful generosity of Mr and Mrs Beaver, played by Steve Adderley and Jacs Brady, or entertained by the nervous, twitching enthusiasm of Tom Hiscocks as Mr. Tumnus?

The four star players in the cast of 31, were the Pevensie children, Nathan Lamb as Peter, Alicia Smith as Susan, George Tucker as Edmund and Abby Sparrow as Lucy. They never faltered in their 1940s role and with 27 scene changes this was a production that involved much activity both on and off stage.

The dramatic scenes of the White Witch’s exciting fight with Aslan brought the show to an exciting climax with Tabitha Snell-McLellan’s aggression filling the auditorium.

Throughout it all Luke Willmore kept up a magnificent piano accompaniment to the action and songs.  Apart from some of the young actors needing a reminder about distinct enunciation – although they were word perfect on their lines it was a pity that some were hard to understand – this was a triumph for Oddity  who richly deserved their standing ovation.

Auditions are now being held for their Christmas pantomime and early booking is recommended.

Victoria Coombes

Pictured are the Pevensie children played by, from left, Nathan Lamb, Alicia Smith, George Tucker and Abby Sparrow

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