The Magnificent Three, Miracle Theatre on tour

102-Magnificent-Three-PromoWHO wants to be trapped in a small town in Colorado where the most exciting thing to happen is the tumbleweed blowing down Main, when there’s a chance of global big business on the horizon.

That’s the American Dream, and its one that nasty Nate Milton has every night. But his double-crossing ways don’t fool his lovely sister Connie and her friends, the residents of Hope Springs.

In the bar left to her by her father Zebediah, she’s happy with her friends, and when Dick Dooley and Esmeralda Fabiola la Falsa come to town, the fun begins.

Ben-Kernow-Hannah-StephenThrow in a shifty sheriff and his not-so-dumb depity, and the cast is complete for Miracle’s wonderfully funny and inventive 2015 tour, Bill Scott’s The Magnificent Three.

Now reaching the end of its tour, the show was performed on a perfect night with the backdrop of Springhead lake, with a packed audience on the grassy amphitheatre enjoying every moment of inspired lunacy, from the slo-mo fights to the very unusual pony, the Old Time songs  and dances to the odd accents, the “disguises” to the skullduggery, and, of course, the triumphant ending.

SHOOT-OUT_WEBThis show looks as though it must be as much fun for the actors as for the audience, and it really IS ideal for all the family.

Watch out for Cat Lake’s Nina Conti-esque bandit, Ben Kernow’s sly Jed, Ben Dyson’s lugubrious lawman, Ciaran Clarke’s serpentine baddie, Hannah Stephens’s hilarious medicine woman and Rebecca Rowe’s plucky heroine.

Catch this terrific show at Sandford Orcas on 31st July, or in the atmospheric setting of Kimmeridge Bay on Saturday 1st August, its final date on the Artsreach Dorset tour.  It’s Miraculously Magnificent, or vice versa.


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