The Night that Autumn turned into Winter

revsThe-Night-Autumn-Turned-To-Winter---Production---Photography-by-Jack-Offord---LOW---5270I CAN’T think of a more delightful way to introduce young children into the fun and excitement of live theatre than to go to Bristol Old Vic Studio for the Little Bulb production of The Night that Autumn turned into Winter, on until Sunday 10th January.

The company, with two of the same actors, brought their Antarctica to the same venue two years ago, and now they repeat the enchantment with this new story.

It is the very last day of autumn, when we meet three forest wardens, who also happen to be fairies who play instruments, dance and sing.  And in the course of around 55 minutes, the audience – on three sides – also meets rabbits, frogs, a wonderful singing fly, spiders, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, owls, mice, squirrels and more.

The-Night-Autumn-Turned-To-Winter---Production---Photography-by-Jack-Offord---LOW---5238As the warden-fairies explain, this is the day when all the animals must get fed, safe and warm as they await the magical arrival of the Winter Unicorn, in whose wake the land goes white for winter.

Clare Beresford and Dominic Conway, returning to the Studio floor for the show, are joined by Miriam Gould for this adventure. All are multi-instrumentalists, fine singers (lots of operatic fun in here!), dancers and inventive actors. The children on the front rows get a chance to help ensure that the animals are ready for winter in this beautifully realised story.

The-Night-Autumn-Turned-To-Winter---Production---Photography-by-Jack-Offord---LOW---5334It’s perfect for gurgling babies, curious toddlers, primary school groups and all the adults who accompany them, and it ends with the magic that everyone needs at Christmas.


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