The Passion of Living Spit

THE iconoclastic Living Spit, led by Stu McLoughlin, now sadly without the late Howard Coggins, tackles one of the greatest stories of all – The Passion, in their latest show, touring this spring, with performances continuing at Exeter’s Barnfield Theatre on 21st and 22nd May.

The Passion of Living Spit, is the company’s hilarious and fearless attempt to recreate “the most divine comedy of all time.” They promise “a hilarious theatrical journey through the life and unfortunate death of the bearded, ethnically ambiguous offspring of God, Jesus H Christ.”

The show features what they call “a smattering of JC’s greatest hits – water into wine! Loaves and fishes! Parables! Miracles! Animals! Vegetables! Minerals! And with a holy host of reimagined Easter hymns, this is a Sunday school lesson unlike any other.”

With a dash of irreverent wit, a sprinkle of divine inspiration and a hearty helping of tasteless biblical buffoonery, The Passion of Living Spit promises to give a whole new meaning to the term ‘”cross-dressing.”

Perhaps not for the easily religiously offended, but if you’ve seen Living Spit before and have enjoyed their previous shows, including The Nativity, you will know to enjoy an evening of unparalleled silliness – and right now, perhaps that’s what we all need!