The Tailor of Gloucester, Salberg Studio at Salisbury Playhouse

BEATRIX Potter’s The Tailor of Gloucester is the perfect story for a Christmas show, and Gareth Machin has adapted it for the studio, where it runs until 28th December.

It’s not one of her best-known tales, but it is all about a poor tailor who must make a special coat for the Mayor, in just the three days before Christmas.

He lives with his cat, Simpkin, who, like most felines, has a fondness for mice. But in this story, it’s the mice who save the day for the tailor and his cat.

Set to music by Salberg favourite Glyn Kerslake (who also worked with Gareth on the adaptation) it is aimed at young children and their families).

Running just under an hour, it introduces a marvellously flam­boyant flunkey (Jake Mitchell), the wicked Simpkin (Natalie Williams) and Lara Stubbs as the tailor.

It’s charming and funny, with audience participation, a strong story and a happy ending that sent everyone home with a warm glow. And no, that’s not a sentimental gloss that ought to be avoided in this woke 21st century. It’s about a children’s story, brilliantly told and delightfully performed.



Photographs by Nick Spratling.

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