Are you interested in The Thrill of Love

IF you are interested in joining the company, on or off stage, for a production of The Thrill of Love, the story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged for murder in this country, go along to Shaftesbury Aets Centre on Wednesday 15th November at 7.30pm.

The story still exerts a horrible fascination – and has inspired books, films and plays. Among the most powerful is Amanda Whittington’s play The Thrill of Love, which has been chosen by Shaftesbury Arts Centre for its next production, and there is a  read-through and interest evening at the arts centre.

The play is described as “a story of the duality of love when passion collides with obsession.” It isn’t just about the crime but casts a reflective lens on how society views and judges women, both in the past and indeed today.

A drama about crime, passion and human complexities, The Thrill of Love looks at the story largely through the eyes of the female characters, exploring the personal and social complexities of the 1950s. It is demanding, dramatic, shocking and, while not in strict classical terms a tragedy, it is profoundly sad.

There are roles for four woman and a major role for one man. The characters are:
Ruth Ellis – fragile, strong-willed, resilient, optimistic, multi-layered; known for her beauty and her entanglements in London’s nightclub scene.
Vickie Martin – Ruth’s friend, vivacious and ambitious; she dreams of fame and is spirited and lively, but has a touch of naivety about her.
Doris Judd – char lady at the club, she is practical, down-to-earth, grounded, maternal and protective towards Ruth.
Sylvia Shaw – the nightclub manager, mentor and protector to the girls in her charge; sophisticated, savvy, a commanding presence, cynical and unshockable.
Inspector Jack Gale – persistent, introspective, and a bit world-weary; haunted by the case he’s investigating and determined to unravel the truth; he narrates and provides context throughout the play.

Anyone interested in taking part in this exciting production, on stage, back stage or any other aspect of the performance, is invited to go along to the read-through at the interest evening.

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