Three “Etoiles” at Hatch

THE latest “”Etoile” of the famous Paris Opera Ballet is the exciting and hugely talented 23 year old Guillaume Diop. His elevation to this exalted post –he is the first black dancer to be promoted to “Etoile” in the company’s 354-year history – means there will be three stars of the Paris Opera at this year’s Ballet at Hatch, from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th July.

Widely acclaimed for his charisma, dancing skills and athleticism, Guillaume Diop was a Paris Opera soloist when this year’s Ballet at Hatch programme was announced. His promotion to Etoile bypasses the usual stage of “premier danseur.”

The other Paris Opera “Etoiles” coming to the walled garden at Hatch House near Tisbury for the annual Covent Garden Dance festival will be Valentine Colassante and Myriam Ould-Braham.

Also newly announced are some details of the dance programme. There will be 12 pieces, including, for the first time, two choreographic works by Rudolf Nureyev, and the balcony pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet, in which Guillaume Diop will be dancing with Luna Pegne.