Time passing and time well spent

revuigotMisbehavinMISBEHAVIN’, the North Dorset-based jazz quartet, have released their second CD, launched at a gig at the Grosvenor Hotel in Shaftesbury to an enthusiastic audience in the Assembly Room.

It is seven years since the first album –  Some Other Time (you might conclude that these musicians have time on their minds!) and the new collection of songs and instrumentals explores the mercurial qualities of time… past, present and future.

Most of the pieces are by composer Karen Wimhurst, a brilliant wind instrument player who lives in Shaftesbury, and the vocally dazzling singer and composer Helen Porter, who lives in Cornwall.

Helen and Karen first met in Shaftesbury 18 years ago when both worked on Common Ground’s Confluence project, making new music to celebrate the river Stour from its spring at Stourhead to Christchurch Harbour. Karen was the composer in residence and Helen was the animateur. Several of the choirs and ensembles founded as part of Confluence continue to make their musical mark on Dorset.

Karen’s husband, guitarist Robin Walter has also composed one of the pieces, the clever Counterpoint.

The final member of the quartet is double bassist James Budden, who is in demand to play with other jazz and folk musicians including  accordionist, Karen Tweed.

Misbehavin’ – who have a big following around the region, at public gigs and private parties – have a wide repertoire, from jazz standards and art songs to their own compositions. Time Piece is a celebration of their individual creativity and the skillful way in which they blend voices and instruments.

The songs range from the clever Eccentric Orbits (playing with intellectual ideas of time and composed by Karen Wimhurst), to the moving First Square On The Board, composed by Helen Porter after working with refugees in Plymouth,  or the driving rhythms of Minute Minder.

The album was recorded at Sylvafield Studios at Semley by Ed Bersey and is available at Misbehavin’ gigs or via their website, www.misbehavinjazz.com



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