Unfolding and Unfurling in the great barn

THE 700-year old Tisbury tithe barn, with its massive thatched roof and oak beams, a working farm building until its restoration and reinvention as home to Messums’ Wiltshire gallery, hosts an ethereal exhibition by the Japanese textile artist, Kaori Kato, who is artist-in-residence at the venue this summer.

Unfolding, Unfurling, on until 18th September, is an exhibition of beautiful paper shapes in geometric patterns and organic forms, created by hand-folding paper.

As artist-in-residence Kaori will be making work on site as she responds to the interior of the 13th-century tithe barn. Her paper sculptures dynamically integrate with the space with works suspended from the ceiling, unfolding from the floor, rhythmically rolling over plinths and curling over the walls.

Alongside this beautiful exhibition in the cathedral-like barn, Messums Wiltshire also hosts a second working in paper show, Quiet Strength, on until 25th September, with work by four exceptional women artists, Becky Allen, Purdey Fitzherbert, Alice von Maltzahn and Emilie Pugh

The exhibition is part of an ongoing exploration of paper as a material that inspires creativity and that becomes the surface on which creativity can be applied. The four artists have different practices and approach, but a shared affinity in the work and their relationship with the material.

Pictured is one of Kaori Koto’s elegant folded paper sculptures.