We are Bronte, Langton Matravers and touring

THE Bristol-based Publick Transport theatre company has jumped on the Bronte bandwagon, extracted the essence of the books the family wrote and their own life stories, distilled and sorted them and created that show that’s part lunacy and part brilliance.

Isolation on the windswept Northern moors might not sound like a barrel of laughs, but with Angus Barr and Sarah Corbett it surely can be. We are Bronte posits the suggestion that all of us are Bronte, as Anne, Emily, Charlotte and brother Branwell encompass all human emotion.

The show takes the form of a very serious, pretentious and obscure exploration of their main themes in mime, dance and few words – and if you have ever seen an experimental theatre company perform such a show, it is even more hilarious.

Mr Barr, artistic director of the company, and Sarah Corbett, are accomplished physical theatre performers, with not only the mime skills but the perfect comic timing required to respond to each individual audience. The short show even includes a central Q and A session, allowing a gently steered interaction that highlights the brilliance of the performances.

It would be a pity to describe the show further. Let’s say that if you love Bronte, comedy, mime or just a slightly batty evening of insights and laughter, go to see We are Bronte.

We are Bronte was at Langton Matravers as part of an Artsreach tour, which also visits the Portman Hall in  Shillingstone, on 11th March. The tour returns to the region for performances at  the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis on 20th April, Dorchester Arts Centre on 21st and Poole Lighthouse on 22nd April.

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