What if the Plane Falls Out of the Sky?, Loco Klub, Bristol

IDIOT Child, one of Bristol’s many adventurous small theatre companies, opened its latest work in the quirky and intimate setting of Loco Klub at Temple Meads station, at the start of an eight-venue national tour.

Performed by Susie Riddell, Adam Fuller and Emma Keaveny-Roys, the play continues the company policy of making playful and peculiar work about how hard it is to be alive sometimes.

It takes the form of an interactive Fear Camp, in which the audience explores its dark fears under the guidance of a sibling trio.

But Heron, Feral Pigeon and their brother are no regular seminar leaders. Abandoned, they have lived 16 years in isolation, developing strat­e­gies for life while they anxiously await their parents’ return.

This extraordinary show has music and laughter and painful sadness as the brother and sisters confront the demons of their darkest night.  Oh, and there’s drinks and snacks and a chance to draw your own fear, too.

It makes you think, and it makes you laugh, and it makes you look at other people’s fears a bit more tolerantly … or at least it should.

See What if the Plane Falls Out of the Sky? at Loco Klub until 13th May, and it’s back in the south west at the Tropicana, Weston-super- Mare from 25th to 27th May, and Exeter Bike Shed from 30th May to 3rd June.

The show was developed as part of Bristol Ferment. For more details, visit the website, www.idiotchild.com


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